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Welcome to mamaholics

About Us

Our Story

We are working moms. We know how fulfilling this role is. And how overwhelming and scary it can be.

As we strove to maintain our work-family balance, and with so little time on our hands, we wished for a source, a turn-to reference, where we could find all that we need without compromising the safety and comfort of our little ones.

When we could not find any, Mamaholics was born. We are here to partner with every mom looking to provide the best of the best for her bundles of joy. We want to stand by your side as you prepare for the journey of lifetime, and we want to continue holding your hand as you watch your baby grow.

From pregnancy essentials to school bags, we have done the scouring and research for you to bring you all that you are looking for with the highest quality and for the most competitive prices. Our aim is to create a one-stop-shop that you can trust and rely on as you give your baby a happy and healthy start.

Our Values

If you find it here, you can rest assured it is:

  • Comfortable
    There is nothing more beautiful than a baby's smile. We are on a mission to carefully handpick the most comfortable products to make sure nothing stands in the way of those warm and fuzzy little smiley faces.
  • Safe
    We realize the weight of responsibility that comes with motherhood. With that in mind, we created our Health and Safety category, as well as our Organic category, so you know you are not alone when it comes to the safety of your child.
  • Cute
    Because let's face it, babies are the definition of cute. And it is but a shame to surround their environments with anything less pretty than they are. So, we chose the cutest, most beautiful products out there that cater to all tastes.

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